Have another idea about how to get consent for the Sex Ambush?

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Becca Says:

1) As per the candles.

The light pink stick figure is a professionally trained stunt person.

Don't try leaping over 100 tea candles that say "Bang Me" in real life.

Or if you do, I take no responsibility for you catching on fire.

2) As per the Flamethrower

The only possible way I can imagine lighting that many candles is with a flame thrower.  Light pink better be glad I've got their back.

3) Some Props Where Props are Due

Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.Com (a fantastic guy and friend of mine from back in the day) is directly responsible for why these whiteboard videos exist.  I watched this video on his site to learn how to make them, and now I can't (and don't really want to) stop.

He may have also inspired other parts of this particular video directly.

Big Kudos to Pat all around.

Have fun setting up consent and don't forget...

Go Get Some!


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex Tactics here on SmartHotFun

My name is Becca and this week is all about the Sex Ambush, a sex initiation strategy that helps you go from 0 – hotness in no time flat.

Consent is clutch to a banging sexual moment so here are two ways to figure out how to get consent using a sex tactic that relies on surprise.

#1 Set up general consent.

Send a message to your partner that says, “I’m gonna rock your world later.”

If you get a solid, ‘Hells yes!” back, you know they’re up for some sex later on. You can keep the Sex Ambush tactic a surprise.

#2 Have an understanding of how sexual initiation works with your partner.

Are they a “touch me first and we’ll see how things go” kind of person? Or are they more like, “Mmm. Ask first. Touch later.”?

If you don’t know, take the time to find out.

If you can figure out how they like sex to be initiated and you use the Sex Ambush within that system, it’s going to be clutch in terms of seeing the Sex Ambush succeed.

Join me tomorrow where I tell you one real-life tale of the Sex Ambush in action.