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Becca Says:

I tried to narrate this one in my SmartHotFun voice, but it sounded awful.  There are just some things you've gotta do in authentic voice.

I should also note, that my partner did not fist pump at the time of the Teach and Learn.  I just had to figure out a way to animate "Hell Yeah!" and that's what felt right.  Heh.

In any case, one thing I don't want you to take away from this video is that you have to be a sex educator to rock a teach and learn.

You don't have to and shouldn't feel pressure to go through the entirety of pleasure physiology during a teach and learn.  Remember, I had given the presentation I used as the basis for my teach and learn hundreds (literally hundreds) of times before I used it in my sex life.  So for me, saying the words didn't take the mental processing power it might take someone who hasn't said those words hundreds of times.

If you're new to talking about a sexy something, focus on just 1 or 2 things to talk about, and practice saying the words out loud at least a few times before the teach and learn goes down.

And if it isn't perfect?  Don't fret.  Things rarely are the first time you do them.  (Believe me.  My first presentation on Pleasure Physiology was AWFUL.  Happy to say it's gotten much better.)

So start looking into what sexy thing you want, come up with that lesson plan, use what you've learned on your partner, get that feedback, and of course...

Go Get Some!


Also! In this video I say that I had never put my Teacher face on in my sex life.  I was thinking about it (hours and hours after I finished this video) and I realize it's only partially true.  I totally put my teacher (or should I say, Jedi Master) face on with Luke Skywalker.  But if I had to put the two experiences side by side, I was definitely more Obi-Wan with Luke Skywalker, and more Yoda with this partner.  :)


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex Tactics here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and I’m going to turn off my SmartHotFun Voice so I can share my real life success story using an Audible Teach and Learn.

So, this was about 6 years into my sex ed career, and even though I totally used the knowledge I taught about pleasure in my sex life on the regular, I had never actually put my teacher face on in my sex life.

So, I asked my partner if they’d be down to be my sexy student, and they totally agreed.

So, I basically just went through what I usually taught in my classrooms, but instead of just talking straight through, I paused in between each piece to pleasure what I had just talked about.

And I gotta say, their response was pretty amazing both during and after, but I didn’t actually do the Phase 2 of the teach and learn until recently.

So, when I finally did sit down to be, you know, the student, I learned that my, now ex, partner felt that Phase 1 was actually incredibly intimate, and he also thought that it was a package of physical AND emotional goodness.

And, you know, I have to agree.

So go ahead and tune in next week for more Great Sex Strategy here on SmartHotFun.