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Becca Says:

In one of the frames, my old-school chalkboard says, "Visualization Improves Performance."

It's hella true.

Although actually doing the activity is going to be your best bet in terms of acquiring new sexual skill, visualization is a great way to prepare.

That being said, when you're visualizing, try to focus on visualizing what you're going to do, and not on your partner's response.


It's like this.  You know that your partner really really really likes vanilla cake.  You get them vanilla cake every year for their birthday.  This year, you've decided to mix things up and buy them vanilla cake with the sprinkles inside.

Ending 1

As you're bringing this cake home, you're like, "My Partner is going to be sooooo happy and surprised!"

When your partner cuts into the cake, they see the sprinkles ... and they're like, "Yeah, I'm gonna pass. I hate sprinkles."

You are devastated.

Ending 2

As you bring the cake home, you get more and more nervous about your cake buying decision.  You stop the car three times and consider taking the cake back and just going with Vanilla.  All you can imagine is you partner's look of disgust as they cut into this thing.

You end up sitting in the car outside the house for 4 hours and miss your partner's whole birthday celebration.

When you finally do come in, you tell them what's up.  And they're like, "I would've totally tried it!"

You are devastated.

The Moral?

Visualization is great!  But you can only really predict how you're going to get through new or different experiences.  Visualizing a partner's response is great way to set yourself up for disappointment, or to psyche yourself out to the point where you totally chicken out.

So while you're lesson planning, focus on you.

While you're teaching, focus on you and them.

While you're learning, focus on them.

Go Get Some!



Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex Tactics here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and I’m breaking down The Teach and Learn, a sexual creativity strategy that allows you to be both teacher AND student.

Here are some good times for the Teach and Learn.

#1 Predictability is making an activity you usually love, kinda boring.

The Teach and Learn is great here because it gives you permission to use new strategies to mix things up, but it’s set up with the expectation that there might be an epic sex fail or two along the way.

#2 You want to try something new.

Creating a lesson plan for phase one also has the great side-effect of helping you visualize how to make this new activity successful.

#3 You haven’t figured out how to communicate a change you’d like your partner to make during a certain sexual activity.

Rocking a Learn Yourself Variation is great here because it helps you to focus on being clear about what you want. Which then helps you to clearly communicate with your partner.

Tune in for more Great Sex Tactics tomorrow where I tell you a tale of the Teach and Learn in action.