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Becca Says:

Yeah.  In my fantasies, I have laser pointers that project exclamation points.  And I'm a dapper fashionista as well.

I should also note that the point where your partner gives you feedback may not be so clear-cut as the video illustrates.  Being able to talk openly about sex is a skill.  So if you and your boo are new to honest sexual communication, cut you partner some slack if they don't have a million things to say.  You can also help them out by coming prepped with questions!

Aside from upping your creativity factor, another cool thing about the Teach and Learn is that it can definitely be repeated over and over again with the same activity OR you can use it for an endless number of activities.

It's hella versatile like that.

Because it could be potentially used with any of the activities on a WantWillWon't Chart ... the variations segment tomorrow isn't about different activities you can use it with.

Tomorrow's Great Sex Tactics is about ways you can alter the Teach and Learn itself to suit different sexual needs you may have.  So definitely swing by tomorrow to check that out.

Until then...

Keep Thinking!



Video Transcript 

Welcome to Great Sex Tactics here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and I’m breaking down The Teach and Learn, a sexual creativity strategy that allows you to be both teacher AND student.

In Phase 1, you came up with a lesson plan for head and used it on your partner.

Phase 2 is where you sit down and become the student by learning what worked, what could improve, and what was whack.

It could look somethin’ like this.

After both of you come completely out of the sexy moment, you share that you tried out 3 different head-giving techniques using your mouth, hands, and voice.

Your partner then thinks about all 9 things you tried and reports back. They let you know that they loved all three of the #1 techniques, thought that the #2 techniques had potential, but could use some adjustments, and the #3 techniques were all whack.

Like any good student, you learn what they thought so that the next time, your head-giving performance is even more awesome.

Join me for more Great Sex Tactics tomorrow where I discuss some bomb variations on The Teach and Learn.