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Becca Says:

Sexual Support Network?

Also, I want to reiterate that "lesson plan" is in quotes.

Although you can TOTALLY write something up if you want to, you can also rock your teaching from memory.

When creating your "lesson plan", definitely remember to keep your partner in mind.

For example.  If you know they're vegan, don't pick up a tip that's like, "Eating bacon off my partner during head is the best ever."

Unless you use that soy bacon stuff.  Then you're cool.

Also, before you go rushing off to become the teacher ... Phase 2 is super important to the teach and learn.  So definitely tune in tomorrow to see how that works.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex Tactics here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and this week I’m hitting you with one tactic that can help you have some fantastically bangin’ sex.

This week’s tactic is called: The Teach and Learn

The Teach and Learn is a two phase sexual creativity tactic you can use with almost any sexual activity.

Phase 1, where you put your teacher face on, could look something like this:

You decide that you want get creative with giving head. You scour the internet, read some books, and ask your sexual support network for some tips.

You end up liking one tip you read that breaks down giving head into three elements: what you do with your mouth, your hands, and your voice.

Based on this tip, you create a lesson plan that includes three different techniques for each element.

You ask your partner to be your sexy pupil and they agree.

You start giving head based on the lesson plan you created, and teach them the new techniques in the process.

Tune in for more Great Sex Tactics tomorrow where the teacher becomes the student and I break down what phase 2 might look like.