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Becca Says:

I'm happy to introduce the anthropomorphic rectum to our cast of humanized body parts.  I bet we'd have a much different relationship to digestion if our body parts were actually that big.

As per the Pleasure Potential Olympics:

That assertion is based off of nerve density, and much like the organs living nearby, the anus has helllllla nerve endings.

When it comes to what that means, I have this handy equation:

Nerve Density + Aroused Blood Flow = Sexual Sensitvity (Click the equation to read more about it!)

Tune in tomorrow when I help you to totally obliterate the stupid with some helpful tips.

Keep Thinking!



Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and today I’m showing you how you can combat some serious stupid in order to have better sex.

Here is Stupid’s Revenge:

Not only is your anus this magic button that’s automatically gonna make you gay, but it is a sexually dark place were only poo and pain await you.

The Reality?

#1: Your Anus can be a Pleasure Champion.

If potential for pleasure were an Olympic Sport, The Clitoris would take the gold, the penis would roll home with the silver, and your anus would take that bronze medal.

#2 Poo during anal play is not inevitable.

The rectum (that tube that leads up to your anus) is generally empty until you get that “I have to poo” feeling. Meaning that if the need to poo doesn’t come up, poo probably isn’t gonna make an appearance.

Defeating this nefarious “Pain and Poo” stupid is probably gonna require some more back-up.

So tune in tomorrow for more Great Sex in One Minute where I get in on the action to help you defeat this stupid once and for all.