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Becca Says:

Hahahahahah.  Got you!

My apologies to anyone who started making plans to move to one of the many Gay Meccas across this fine country of ours.

If I had to put what I said in this video another way it would be:

Behavior does not equal Identity.

Just like playing sports doesn't mean you're an athlete, and reading books doesn't mean you're a scholar, liking it when someone plays with a part of your body that has a ridiculous amount of nerve endings (aka your butthole) doesn't make you gay.

There is so much more to being a gay than liking anal sex. Especially because some gay dudes don't even like anal sex.

Oh snap!

Definitely tune in tomorrow so I can help you fight all this stupid.

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PS. Dear the whole gay community. I think that the phrase "a gay" is ridiculous.  Hence my use of them when trying to fight stupid.  Gotchure back, fellas.


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute here on SmartHotFun!

My name is Becca and I bet that some of you out there figured out that my “Are You A Gay? Survey,” was hella fake.

For those of you who didn’t catch on, I imagine you saying something like this:

“Dude, Becca. For a Sex Expert, you’re pretty stupid. Even though gay dudes might work out a lot, and I happen to work out, that doesn’t make me gay.”

You’re absolutely right.

It is really stupid to make a sweeping statement that someone is gay based on one activity or behavior they do that happens to be popular in the gay community.

No one says, “Dude I’m not going to work out today. I’m not gay.”

Or “Dude, I’m not going to the bar this weekend. I’m not gay.”

And yet, when someone says, “Dude, I’m not gonna let my girlfriend play with my butthole. I’m not gay.”

No one ever calls out that person’s logic, and says, “Dude, really? Everybody has a butthole. It’s only gay if you want another dude to play with it.”

Check out more Great Sex in One minute tomorrow where I talk about how being caught up in all this stupid might be getting in the way of great sex.