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Just another note. The use of the word 'ambush' and my bomb camo wardrobe were not used to inspire any sort of violence against a partner.

Unless that's what they're into and you've gotten consent to proceed.

In which case. Proceed.

Go Get Some!


Video Transcript 

Welcome to Great Sex Tactics here on SmartHotFun

My name is Becca and I’m hitting you with a tactic that could help you have some great sex.

This week’s tactic is called. “The Sex Ambush.”

The Sex Ambush is a sex initiation strategy that relies on the element of surprise to get you going from 0 to bangin’ in no time flat.

Although the way you use this tactic will vary depending on who you are, I’m going to give you one way to visualize it.

You walk into a room and your partner is sitting there reading a book, looking all kinds of sexy.

You cross the room in three dramatic steps, throw their book on the ground, straddle them, and say something like, “You are so f-in beautiful.”

You pull them in for a passionate kiss and if they return the passion, you ramp it up and start banging it out as quickly as seems right.

Just like all strategies, the sex ambush is best used in certain situations and best NOT used in others.

Join me tomorrow when I talk about three good times to use the Sex Ambush Tactic.