Have any other "resumes" you think are a good idea to ditch when it comes to sex?  Post it in the comments, below!

Sometimes I wonder what America would be like if we had kids and owned property with people we weren't banging.

I also wonder what the world would be like if Magic was real. Hopefully that would also make Dragons real.  I'd totally try to ride one.

Anywho.  Although I said statistics in the video, the book I based my assertion of Soul Mate impossibility on is actually about probability.  It's called The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives, by Leonard Mlodinow.  My apologies for the conflation of two very different fields.  My complete lack of formal math education since I was 17 makes me prone to such egregious errors.

The human evolution assertion ... too many books, papers, and other reading to pinpoint just one.

My ability to do the above is why I left the academy.  APA format can suck it.

In any case, controversial or no, I hope ditching the Soul Mate Resume helps you to...

Go Get Some!


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and I’m running down how you can have better sex by ditching resumes in exchange for reality.

Today I’m going toe to toe with the Soul Mate resume.

This resume says the greatest sex you’ll ever have is with someone who is your everything. They fulfill all your sexual, romantic, social, AND emotional needs.

The Reality? Statistics, human evolution, and common sense all point to the fact that one person being able to meet all your needs is pretty close to impossible.

But because the Soul Mate resume promises that the person you’re having sex with will also magically be great for you in every other respect, even if this person meets most of your needs, you might create mythology that they’re not right for you.

Instead of ditching your partner, try ditching the resume and meet your unfulfilled needs with people you’re not banging. Taking this pressure off your partner might just help you have better sex.

I’ll see you next week for a new segment called Great Sex Tactics.