Fitting this concept into one minute was crazy.

The way that body image and sex intertwine is a vast and complex issue.

Marty Klein wins again for being the idea-smith that is in the forefront of my mind, although I've been a student of this issue for a long, long time.

To just drive this point home ... if you're spending your sexy time being worried about what you look like to your partner, you're not spending enough time enjoying sex.

So! Drop the resume so that you can...

Go Get Some!


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and I’m want you to dropkick the resume, accept reality, and have better sex.

Let’s talk about the “Angel is A Centerfold” Resume.

This resume tells you that the best sex you’ll ever has in when you’re perfectly showered, having a fantastic hair day, and your body and face look great from every sexy angle.  You look like a photo out of a magazine.

The reality?  Living up to magazine photos is impossible, even for the people in magazine photos.

But, because the “Angel Is A Centerfold” resume promises the key to great sex is having your looks on lock, you might get caught up in mythology that not being perfectly primped or manscaped means that you’re not sexually desirable.

In ditching the resume and accepting the reality that you don’t have to look perfect to have great sex, you might just find that you’ve ditched stress over how your body looks in exchange for being stoked about how your body feels.

Tune in tomorrow for more Great Sex in One Minute where I make a controversial resume ditching recommendation.