This post brought to you by my newfound love for anthropomorphic sex organs.

In other news, the idea of ditching the sex resume was madly inspired by the book Sexual Intelligence by Marty Klein.

I highly recommend this book.  Klein has some mad experience and makes some points that I now don't have to attempt to articulate in my own book.  Thanks to you, Marty Klein, for giving me more time to draw a penis riding a slip-n-slide into a vagina.

And, like your friend the anthropomorphic soft penis intimated, ditching the sex resume can help you...

Go Get Some!


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute here on SmartHotFun.

My name is Becca and I’m trying to help you have better sex through ditching some nefarious sex resumes.

Let’s talk about the Money Shot Resume.

This sex resume tells you that great sex is all about a rock hard penis going into a slip n slide wet vagina OR a magically relaxed anus, and ends in a crazy orgasm.

What’s the reality?  The way your body responds during sex isn’t in your direct control.  Sometimes, your body is gonna do what it wants.

Because the Money Shot Resume promises a predictable body response, you might respond to the reality of your body by creating the “Something must be wrong with me” kind of mythology to explain what’s going on.

Ditching the Money Shot Resume and accepting the reality might help you have better sex by freeing you from the idea that something is wrong so that you can start to focus on what’s going so, so right.

Tune in tomorrow for more Great Sex in One Minute where I attempt to help you dropkick another sex resume.