In case you're curious, the Egyptian creation myth I drew goes as follows:

Atum (the first sentient creation god to emerge from Nun), masturbated and out emerged the first two people.

Although, if you ask predecessors in the religion, they actually think that Atum rocked some auto-fellatio, ejaculated into his own mouth, and then spit out those first two peeps.

Either way.  It's a great example of how people just kinda make stuff up so they can move on.

How were peeps made? Some god ejaculated us out!  Duh! Let's start brewing beer now.

Props Where Props Are Due

I did not come up with that incredible insight about mythology.  I actually ripped that right out of Christopher Ryan's bomb book, Sex at Dawn.

I listened to it on AudioBook, but I'm sure it's also great in Print or as a Kindle book.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute, Here on SmartHotFun.

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I want you to imagine that you are the President of a huge company and you’re looking for a person who is innovative, organized, and smart as a whip to help you run the business end of things.

As you pour through resumes, you find THE ONE.  This person seems to have everything you’re looking for and more.

After they breeze through their interview and you hire them, you envision all the ways they’re going to help you improve your business.

Unfortunately, the longer they work for you, the more you notice that despite delivering in some of the ways you expected, their organizational skills are better suited for a running a supply closet than a business.

This reality leaves you feeling like that glorious resume was a just pack of lies. And you’ve gotta admit, you’re pretty pissed.

Want to know why you’ve gotten yourself in this situation and what the hell this has to do with sex?

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