Although I encourage you to use this information as you will, I like to hit you with at least one:

Action Step for Great Action

1. Understand How The Substances You’re Using Affect Your Brain

Everything from booze to narcotics to birth control to anti-depressants can affect the way that you experience sex.  If you’re on something that alters your brain in any way, you may want to look into how that medication or substance can affect your sex life.

Example: You started using anti-depressants and notice that your sex drive just isn’t what it used to be.  So you talk to your Doc to find out what’s going on.

2. Limit or Avoid Substances That Mess With Great Sex

If the substance you’re using is creating sexual issues, avoid using it, limit its use, or try to come up with a comparable alternative.

Example: You get drunk after consuming 2 IPAs, so you limit your intake to one OR decide to drink 4-5 PBRs instead.*

So whether you’re figuring out how your substance use is messing with great sex  OR simply ditching the substance use all together...

Go Get Some!

*I’m totally joking.  You should never try to replace an IPA with a PBR.


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute here on SmartHotFun

My name is Becca and today I’m going to give you one last reason why respecting your brain can be killer in terms of having bangin’ sex.

Let’s talk about your brain on alcohol.

Think about being drunk and trying to walk.

Your brain says ‘walk in a straight line!” but your body ends up zig-zagging or falling.

This is because when your brain is drunk, its resources are temporarily poisoned.

The messages your brain is trying to sending to your body aren’t clear.

So, even if you’re super excited to be having sex, having a drunk brain can translate into you not being able to get turned on, sex not feeling as good as you’re used to, or a total inability to orgasm.

Although every brain altering substance is different, there are many that, just like alcohol, poison your brain’s resources to the point where great sex ends up being just out of reach.

So hey! Thanks for tuning in to Great Sex in One Minute and I hope that your newfound respect for your brain turns into some great sex.