So other than completely avoiding sex with USC Fans*, how can this video help you have better sex?

Action Step for Great Action: 

1.  Be Honest With Yourself: If you’re banging it out with someone, but you’ve got something huge on your mind that is totally getting in the way… own it.

If you plan to bang this person again:

i.  Put up a clear no.
ii.  Chat your partner up and give them as clear a ‘why’ as possible.
iii.  Give them some sort of reassurance that you plan to totally sex them up once you can get your head in the game a little more fully.

Extra: If you’re tired (or in any other such situation where there isn’t a lot of time to talk) give them a concrete time where you can talk about the situation in more depth to help them understand what’s up.

If you don’t plan on banging this person again:

i.  In the safest way possible, give a clear no.
ii.  Be straight up with this person about how you’re feeling, so as not to leave any doubt.
iii.  Be ready for a negative reaction, but be equally as ready for that person to appreciate your honesty and the sense of closure that comes with it.

After your bout of honesty and sexual postponement I hope you …

Go Get Some!

*USC Fans.  This is obviously all in good fun.  I don’t actually think that being a USC fan is causal to complete sexual repulsiveness.


Video Transcript:

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute on SmartHotFun!

My name is Becca and yesterday, we talked about how zombies and cell phones can  totally get in the way of great sex by stealing brain resources.

I’m a hit you with 3 examples of how YOU can steal your OWN brain resources.

#1 You’re having sex, but you’re tired.

#2 You’re having sex, but you have a huge, important event the next morning.

#3 You’re having sex, but the person you’re banging is not hot.

In all 3 scenarios … the sex is just plain mediocre.

Why? Internal Distraction.

In all three cases, your mind’s resources are split between the sex you’re having and your internal thoughts or feelings.

Great sex is about making sure that distractions don’t get the best of your brain’s limited processing power.

So if your goal is great sex, you may want to skip or postpone sex until whatever’s going on in your head, passes.

Check out Great Sex in One Minute, tomorrow, where we finish up brain week and tackle the intoxicated brain.