How can the zombie apocalypse help you have better sex?

Action Step for Great Action

1.  Think about your sex life! (Mmmhmmm.)
2.  Make a list of all the distractions that have totally sex-blocked recently.
3.  Cross of all the items you listed that you had no control over.

i. Kids walked in.
ii. Start of the Zombie Apocalypse
iii.  Cell Phone Rang
iv.  Plane Flew Overhead
v.  Condoms were across the room.

4.  From the items left on your list, pick 1.
5.  Figure out a game-plan to reduce or eliminate the distraction. (Repeat as you will).
6.  Have Better Sex.

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And of course,

Go Get Some!


Video Transcript

Welcome to Great Sex in One Minute here on SmartHotFun

My name is Becca and this week I’m hittin’ you with the info you need to have great sex through Respect … of your brain.

So, if the story is that distractions steal your brain’s processing power, then (in general) bigger distractions are going to be more devastating to your mojo than smaller distractions.

For example, a Zombie breaking into your room while you have sex is gonna steal wayyyyyyyyyy more brain resources than your cell phone going off.

Although either of those distractions could potentially end your sexual moment, you’re much more likely to bounce back from the cell phone going off than from the start of the zombie apocalypse.

That being said, great sex often hinges on not being distracted in the first place.

So, doing things like zombie proofing your house or putting your cell phone on silent are great ways to make sure that your brain’s resources don’t get stolen.

Tune in to tomorrow’s Great Sex in One Minute to see how YOU can actually be your biggest resource thief.