Want! Will... Won't. Chart FAQ

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What is a Want! Will… Won’t. Chart?

A WWW Chart is a long list of sexual activities that you can use to help see what you OR what you and a partner are down (or totally not down) to do while you're getting sexual.

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What is the difference between the “Sexual Activity” Charts and “Toys, Toys, Toys” Charts?

The sexual activity charts are a list of different technology free (or minimal) ways to get your sexual swerve on.

The toy charts break down all kinds of different sex toys you can use alone or with a partner.

What is the difference between a “Purveyor of Pleasure” or “Beneficiary of Bliss?”

Imagine a hand-job is going down.  (Yeah!)  The person giving the hand job is the Purveyor of Pleasure (PoP), and the person getting the hand job is the Beneficiary of Bliss (BoB).

Although pleasure can definitely be had on all sides of that equation, you can think of the PoP as the “giver” and the BoB as the “receiver”.

What is Valprehending?

Other than being a word I made up a couple years back, Valprehending is when someone who owns a Vagina or Rectum actively squeezes … whatever happens to be inserted inside (penises, toys, fingers, etc.).

In a nutshell, I made it up because after years of hearing about peeps with anuses and vaginas get called “passive” partners during penetrative sex … I was like, “This is whack!”  Just because these folks aren’t putting something inside someone else doesn’t mean they aren’t being “active” in the sexual moment.

Are The Charts Exhaustive?

Not. Even. Close.  I made these charts back in October when I thought SmartHotFun.Com was going to be something slightly different than it has become.

As a result, I didn’t follow up on meticulously updating and these charts are really only the tip of the proverbial sex iceberg.  I hope to have more charts with a more robust selection of activities sometime in the future.

I’ll Keep Y’all Posted!

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