Linsanity?  I’m in.

Bandwagon? On it.

Jeremy Lin may not approve of the following message, but here’s how this basketballer's story can help you have great sex.

#1 High Pressure Situations can Reveal Greatness

Jeremy Lin spent last year’s season (from what I understand) playing garbage minutes for the Warriors.  In the low-pressure situations, Jeremy Lin didn’t accomplish anything spectacular.   He essentially lived up to the urgency of the minutes he was afforded.

Fast Forward to February 4th where Lin is playing for the Knicks and two clutch players have been taken out of the game.

Uncertain of the status of the security of his contract, sleeping on the couch in his Bro’s living room, Jeremy Lin is asked to step in and play.   How does Jeremy Lin respond?

He nails it.

Not only does he score 25 points in his first real shot on a pro court, but is heralded as the catalyst for a 5 game winning streak.

No high-pressure situation? No Linsanity.

And even though I don’t spend my days being in agreement with Kobe Bryant, Kobe does bring up a good point about Lin’s seemingly meteoric rise to greatness.

#2 Greatness Relies on Skills

Kobe has been quoted all over the media acknowledging that despite not initially knowing who Jeremy Lin was, skills like Lin’s don’t just randomly show up to the party.

Kobe is spot on.  You don’t outscore Kobe Bryant (holla!) if you don’t have skills on the court.  Jeremy Lin has been developing those skills since before most people had ever heard of him (minus a few Harvard students, I suppose).

No high-pressure situation? No Linsanity.

No NBA baller status skills? No Linsanity.

But that’s not it!

#3 Greatness Requires Self-Belief 

One of the reasons why I am all for hopping on the Linsanity bandwagon is because of the powerful message it sends about self-belief.

If Lin had, at any point, stopped believing in himself … we wouldn’t be here celebrating his story.  Based on what I’ve read about the guy, he’d probably be successful in some other arena … just not basketball.

But this guy believed in himself even though he didn’t “look” the part of a baller, was overlooked in the draft, was cut from two pro teams, and rarely set foot on the pro court before two weeks ago.

Despite the odds, Jeremy Lin knew he deserved to be on that court.

High-pressure situation? Check.

Skills? Check.

Mad self-belief? Check.

The result? Linsanity!

So, how can Jeremy Lin’s story of greatness help you have some great sex?


Action Steps for Great Action

1. Start With Some Self-Belief 

Belief that you can have great sex is a fantastic place to start.  If you believe that having great sex is within your reach, you’re much more likely to take the steps required to get yourself there.

(Remember, if Jeremy Lin didn’t believe, we’d be talking about how devastating Karmelo Anthony’s groin injury was to an already lackluster season of Knicks basketball.)

Try This! Brainstorm a list of sexual activities you’re good at.  After looking through your list, choose 1 activity.

Move to Step 2.

2. Build Some Skills

Starting with belief is fantastic, but isn’t enough on it’s own.  You have to keep believing. One great way to continue to believe in yourself is to build your skills.  When you build skills and succeed, it’s a confidence booster.  When you build skills, epically fail, but manage to get past it … that’s a confidence booster too.  Alongside being a great sex fundamental, skill building can be huge in terms of pumping up your belief in yourself.

(Remember, Jeremy Lin has been building basketball skills since he was just a boy.  He built skills and experienced success at Harvard.  Despite being a bench warmer and getting cut by two pro teams, Lin kept on skill building.)

Try This! Take the sexual activity you chose in step 2 and break down the skills you have that make it so great.   Choose 1 skill from the list.

Move on to step 3.

3. Put Yourself In a High Pressure Situation

Or maybe just a “higher-pressure-than-you’re-used-to” situation.   For some folks, setting the expectation for your performance to be a little higher (or a lot higher) can be the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great.’

(Remember, Jeremy Lin didn’t have a chance to show how clutch he could be until he was put into a clutch situation.)

Try This! Take the skill you chose in step 2, and skim over a WWW Chart (or just rock a brainstorm!).  Choose (or brainstorm) 1 sexual activity that you’ve never done before (or only tried a few times) that requires your skill to complete.

Run the idea by your partner and get in there!

Try This! Example: You are a master of head.  Although you may not have skills in all arenas, you KNOW that your partner is allllll about getting head from you.  You brainstorm that your keys to success are your mouth/tongue skills AND that you get bonus points for creative use of hands.  You choose your mouth/tongue skills and decide that food play is outside of what both you and your partner are used to.

You run the idea by your partner and they’re in!  Using your already established mouth skills, you eat the food of your choice off your boo....  [And the rest writes itself!]

Whether you're in for Linsanity or not, I hope that a high pressure situation is the catalyst for some great sex.

Keep Thinking!

A basketball.