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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to another addition of Sex.Life Mondays here on SmartHotFun!

Because I type for a living (I am currently working as a receptionist and data entry specialist) my arm was starting to fall off. Well, it wasn't literally falling off, but I was experiencing a lot of pain in my left forearm. Because I wanted to be physically capable of continuing to hit you with great sex strategies, I decided to invest in a bomb–ass microphone and some voice recognition software.

The Yeti Microphone.

Today’s post on SmartHotFun is pretty damn auspicious because I'm actually using this microphone and voice recognition software to “type” this post. It's the first time I'm trying this type of software out and I have to say it's pretty fucking cool.  That being said, there is definitely a learning curve involved in using it successfully.

In case you haven't been reading, Sex.Life Mondays is all about making connections between regular everyday strategies for success and success when you're having sex. So, if you haven't guessed already, today's Sex.Life Monday post is going to be about how learning how to use voice recognition software can help you have great sex.

Number 1: Put Your Progress in Perspective

Even though I'm super stoked about this software, it's taken me about 2 hours to get to this point in the document. If I look at this progress compared to where I would be if I were typing, it's a little bit frustrating.

When I take a step back from my frustration, I realize that typing is a skill I started developing in the 4th grade. The only reason I'm so good at it is because I've had 18 years of practice. Using voice recognition software is a skill that I started developing ... well ... 2 hours ago. When I put my current process into that perspective, it makes me feel a lot better about my progress. I'm pretty sure 4th grade me would not have gotten this far this quickly.

So what does me beating my fourth-grade self using voice recognition software have to do with great sex?

When you're doing something new sexually, your performance probably isn't going to compare your performance in sexual activities that you've done repeatedly in the past. Which can be frustrating. If you're at a point where you've been trying something new and it's not going as well as you want, put your progress in perspective.

Action Steps For Great Action

1. Think about a sexual activity that you are great at now that you weren't even good at when you started.

2. Try to remember how long it took before that sexual activity moved from being bad to being good and from being good to being great.

3. Put your current process into perspective based on what you thought about.

4. Give yourself a break. Sometimes it takes a while before a new sexual skill evolves enough to lead to great sex.

Number 2: Start with Simple Steps and Don't be Afraid to Rely on Skills You Already Have

After putting my progress into perspective and feeling a lot better about the amount of time it's taken me to write this post, I also have to admit I was using my keyboard a lot when I first started dictating. I was only able to use simple voice recognition commands and if I hadn’t used my keyboard, I would still be writing those first two paragraphs.

The good news is that throughout the course of dictating this post my skill set has exploded! Even though I started off by talking and making all my edits with my keyboard, I've written this paragraph and the paragraph before without touching my keyboard at all. I've basically gone from knowing only 3 commands to knowing about 30. Holla!

My strategy of starting simple made it so that my frustration didn’t lead to quitting. Because I didn't quit, I was able to keep dictating long enough for my skills to increase tenfold!

Just like starting simply and relying on my previous skills until I could learn more complex commands helped with my software learning success, you can do the same thing when learning new sex skills.

Action Steps For Great Action

1. Think about the new sexual activity that you want to learn or that you have been learning.

2. Try to break the skills needed to complete that sexual activity into parts.

3. Separate out the parts that you don't know how to execute, and choose 1 or 2.

4. When you're doing the new sexual activity, focus only on executing those 1 or 2 new simple actions.

5. Until you've mastered those 1 or 2 simple actions, rely on the sexual skills you already have to fill in the gaps.

6. Once you've mastered those 1 or 2 simple actions, go back to the breakdown you figured out in step number 2. Choose another 2 simple steps, and start the process over from step number 4. Repeat steps 4 through 6 (and remember to give yourself a break) until things get great!

Bed Feet.

Example: You want to eat peanut butter off of your partner's toes. You determine that the skills you need are 1) toe–licking skills, 2) peanut butter application skills, 3) covert toe-cleaning skills, 4) using your teeth in a sexy way skills, and 5) negotiating consent skills.  You choose to focus on: 2) peanut butter application skills because you've only ever put peanut butter on bread.  You're pretty sure that putting the PB -J on you partner's feet well enough will set a good tone for licking it off. Because you and your partner already have a pretty good consent system set up, you rely on that to get your boo's permission. For now, you rely on your mad cunnilingus skills to inform your toe–licking. Because teeth skills and covert cleaning skills seem more complex, you decide to master those to the next time.

Number 3: Slow Down!

This is a quickie (and don't we all love a quickie?). Dictating and saying commands slowly, or at least slowly compared to the rate at which I normally speak, has made all the difference in whether or not I've successfully converted speech to text while using the software.

Action Steps For Great Action

1. If you're trying to do something new and it's not working, try slowing down the rate at which you're executing.

Example: You tried to focus on both peanut butter application skills and covert toe cleaning skills. Trying to do both totally fucked up your mojo. Next time, shower with your boo to take care of the cleaning, and just focus on sexily applying peanut butter to their phalanges.  You can figure out the covert part the next time you turn your partner's toes into a sexy snack.

So whether you're wrestling with crazy voice recognition software or wrestling with which peanut butter brand to buy for your new sexy adventure; remember to put your experience in perspective, break the sexual activity into simple parts, and slow down if you need to.

And as always...

Keep Thinking!