This post in a nutshell:

Making a great playlist means narrowing down the musical selection, keeping the occasion in mind, and creating a playlist for a specific audience.

Having great sex means narrowing down the sexual activity selection, keeping the sexy occasion in mind, and planning your sexual romp with your partner in mind.

Have you ever had that experience where you’ve been out dancing and the music is seriously on point?  Where even though your entire shirt is covered in sweat, your hair is a crazy mess, and your legs are shaky from all the shakin’ you’ve been doing, you just can’t leave the dance floor because each new song is something you HAVE bust a groove to?

You can thank whoever came up with the playlist!

Now, although there are many considerations that folks use when coming up with a playlist, there are three that can seriously help you when you’re coming up with ways to keep people in your bed as long as some DJs can keep folks on the dance floor.

#1 Narrowing It Down

Someone making a playlist looks at their iTunes and realizes they own 3899 musical items, making for a grand total of 13.9 consecutive days of music.  They could totally make a ‘playlist’ by turning on random, and just letting iTunes do its thing.  While by some miracle that strategy could result in the best dance party that ever happened, it is much more likely that some songs would hit the rotation that would totally kill the party.

Making a great playlist means taking the time to exclude songs from the rotation.

Having Great Sex Means Consciously Narrowing Down Your Choices

Download a WWWChart.  As you can see, there are a ridiculous amount of activities you could do sexually.  You could randomly choose 5 activities from this list, and there’s a chance that you could end up having the best sex ever!  Or … there are some things that could come up that would be a total sexual dealbreaker.  Great sex means consciously narrowing down your options to get dealbreakers off the table.

Action Steps for Great Action

  1. Grab a black sharpie.

  2. Download a WWWChart.

  3. Cross off anything you know you’re not willing to do.

#2 Keeping the Occasion in Mind

The difference between a good playlist and a GREAT playlist?  Thinking about why you’re making the playlist in the first place.  Are you making a playlist for a wedding?  For a 90’s themed party?  For a dance contest?  For sexy time?  Although putting an entire Boyz II Men album on a playlist is totally appropriate for a 90’s themed party, it might not be the best idea for a wedding playlist (unless of course, it is a 90’s themed wedding).

Making a great playlist means making sure every time you put a song on the list, you can answer, ‘Yes!’ to the following question: “Is this song suited to the occasion?”

 Having Great Sex Means Keeping the Occasion in Mind. 

Are you banging it out in the 30 minutes you have while your new baby naps?  Are you banging it out to celebrate your anniversary?  Are you exploring sex play with a new partner?  Are you having sex for the first time after an injury?  Great sex means choosing activities that fit with the sexy circumstances.

Action Steps for Great Action

  1. Choose 1 upcoming occasion where you know you’re probably going to bang it out.

  2. Download a WWW Chart.

  3. Pick 1 relevant question to ask yourself when it comes to the occasion.

    • Example: Is activity ‘X’ going to make sex on my 10 year wedding anniversary great?

  4. Pick 3 activities that you think result in the most resounding, “Yes!!” to your question.

  5. Bust those activities out during the occasion you planned for!

#3 Audience, Audience, Audience

You have created the best playlist ever, in your opinion.  As you’ve worked on it, you imagine all the booties that will be shaking to this incredible brain-child that you’ve developed.  You’ve worked on it, it’s all set up, you play your masterful creation and you look up to see the twerking that you’ve inspired … and …

Crickets.  Not a damn person is dancing.  Why?

Because you’re playing R&B in a country-western bar.   Even though your playlist is the absolute shit, your audience doesn’t appreciate it because you didn’t make the list with them in mind.  If you had been more conscious of choosing country friendly music, you would have packed the floor with some incredible line-dancing.

Great Sex Means Planning Something with Your Partner in Mind

Even though you may have killed it in the past by busting out the ice cubes and taking your partner’s body through a deliciously cold winter-wonderland style romp, your current partner hates to be cold.  No matter how cute your Santa’s elf costume may be, no number of bells will change the fact that your partner just doesn’t dig the ice cube thing.

Action Steps for Great Action

  1. Bust out a WWW Chart

  2. Think about activities that your current partner has totally been all about in the past.

  3. Choose 1 or 2 activities that are similar, but not the same.

  4. Bust out these new activities when you sex up your partner!

There you go!  Whether you're making a playlist or creating strategies for sex, narrowing down your choices, and keeping the occasion and audience in mind can totally help you to achieve greatness!

Keep Thinking!