Sex and Video Games may seem like vastly different concepts, but there is one thing that brings them together:  The Strategy Guide.

For some folks, the Strategy Guide is the ultimate cheater-status tool.  These folks argue that the most satisfying way to play a game is by getting through on their own merit with no outside help.  When it comes to sex, some folks feel the exact same way about sexual strategy guides (for this post we’ll define that as any book, website, or advice a person uses to gain sexual insight).  They are most satisfied with sexual play when they figure things out on their own.

For others, the Strategy Guide is a way to play smart.  It speeds up game-play, helps them to progress faster, and gives insight they may never have considered on their own.  When it comes to sex, some folks feel the exact same way.  Sexual strategy guides help to speed up sexual learning, and give them ideas they never would have even dreamed of on their own.

Just like either strategy can lead to winning in the video game world, I’m of the opinion that either strategy can lead to winning in the sex world.  This post is going to look at some of the strategies and action steps I think will make sex great!

No Strategy Guide

Strategy #1: Patience and Perseverance

People who play video games without strategy guides have to rely upon their previous gaming experiences and the guess-and-test method.  In order to win, they have to consistently put their ideas to the test, modify their ideas when necessary, and keep working to move forward in the game.

If you’re going into a sexual situation without a strategy guide, you may have to guess, test, modify, and try your sexy idea again.  In order to make sex great without a strategy guide, you can try:

Action Step for Great Action

  • Choosing 1 sexual activity that you totally loved doing with a previous partner OR 1 sexual activity you’ve always wanted to try.  Try it!  If it’s great, pick a new activity.  If it was anything less than great, talk to your partner about what worked.  Modify your approach and try again.

Strategy #2: Walk Away

When playing video games without a strategy guide, you may reach a certain boss or puzzle or challenge that you simply have no idea how to beat.  You’ve worked on taking one boss down for hours only to continuously die right before victory because of the boss’s epic “I’m about to die special boss attack.”  Although you can keep hacking away at the boss, sometimes the best strategy for working through this kind of issue is to temporarily walk away.  Giving the brain a break may help you to realize you have a spell in your toolkit that will reflect the majority of the boss’ final attack, allowing you to live and deliver the killing blow.

Picture of Becca playing the Move.

Sometimes when you’re right in the middle of banging it out, things don’t go as planned.  You can’t figure out how to make body positions work together, there’s a certain sexual activity you just can’t master, or for some reason the sex is just plain mediocre.  Because just getting up and leaving can be awkward, here is something you can do to make walking away contribute to sexual greatness:

Action Step for Great Action

  • Talk to your partner about “bailing” during sex.  Come up with a game-plan for how to handle a situation where you just need a breather.

    • Example: "When I need to bail, I’m going to say, 'Breather Time' and walk out to the living room.  If I don’t come back in 10 minutes, come find me and see what’s up."

Playing With A Strategy Guide

Strategy #1: Remember, It’s Just A Guide

When playing an RPG, for example, there are often 456,732 side quests that you can complete over the course of game-play (if you’ve played any version of Final Fantasy, you know what I’m talking about).  Some of these quests directly impact your success, some of them are just fun, and some of them will reduce your enjoyment of the game. If you know that your gaming style is to just go bat-shit on enemy creatures, you’ll probably enjoy the game more if don’t do the “this-will-take-you-7-hours” logic puzzle side quest, and stick to the “kill as much as you can in 5 minutes” tournament side-quest.  Even though the directions for the logic side-quest are there, you aren’t obligated to do them.

There are far more than 456,732 things that someone could do sexually.  Sexual Strategy guides might have tips on how to do everything possible sexually.  But just like video games, your enjoyment of sex may not hinge on doing everything. In order to make strategy guide usage successful when it comes to sex play, here is a suggestion:

Action Step for Great Action

  • Have 1 or 2 specific sexual acts in mind when finding a guide.  If the guides give you relevant advice, they may be good resources when you’re trying to figure out future activities.

Strategy #2: Know When You’re Most Comfortable Using A Strategy Guide

Although some folks are all about the 24/7 use of a strategy guide while gaming, others are only comfortable using them when new to the game or when there is a seriously undecipherable puzzle that they can’t get past.

When it comes to banging it out, some people are in constant contact with their go-to connect for sex advice, some are only cool consulting when they’re trying something new, and others only consult when they can’t figure something out.

Action Step for Great Action

  • Download a WWW Chart.  Instead of following the standard instructions, go through the list and figure out which activities you Want! a guide for, which one’s you Will… consult a guide for, and which one’s you Won’t. be needing outside help to accomplish.

So!  Even though reading SmartHotFun.Com posts are technically like consulting a strategy guide, I hope that whether or not you like to use strategy guides, you’ve picked up a strategy (or two!) to help make sex great!

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