It’s time to officially recap:

Great Sex Fundamental #3: Love as You Will

Love As You Will is all about having great sex through keeping it real.  In the current sexual world we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in all the talk about how you ‘should’ be having sex, or what the ‘right’ way to have sex might be.   Great sex, very simply, is about brushing those messages off and forging the path that most realistically suits your authentic sexual self.

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Here are the principles to help you get there:

GSF 3.1: Own What You Like and Don’t Like

Everybody on this planet gets their swerve on in their own unique way.  Which means that you are going to have your very own idea of what is sexy and what just isn’t sexy at all.  Great sex happens when you stop banging in a way you think you *should*, and start exploring the kinds of banging that actually make you hot.

To get there, you’ve gotta own what you totally dig in terms of sex and you also have to admit when you’re not getting down in a way that you enjoy.

GSF 3.2: The Greatest Sexual Moments are Consensual

Consent, most simply, is when you have no doubts that your boo is just as down to bang it out as you are.  Great sexual moments often start with consent because knowing that your bang buddy is all in helps your brain to put a laser-focus on all the pleasure you’re experiencing.  Although consent isn’t a guarantee of great sex, having consent is a great way to make sure that you and your partner both agree that you just had amazing sex.

GSF 3.3: Defining Greatness is Up to You

One person’s most triumphant sexual moment could be another person’s worst sexual experience ever.  Only you can figure out what greatness means to you, so it’s up to you to come up with a definition (or to forego a definition completely).

GSF 3.4: Great Sex Can Happen All Throughout Life

Body, desire, and attitude changes as you grow older are the perfect opportunities to keep your sex life fresh by coming up with new sexual success strategies to match your changing self.   Great sex for life is all about adapting your ideas about what great sex means to match where you are in your life cycle.


Action Steps for Great Action

1. Review The Principles

Not really wrapping your mind around the different principles?  All good.  You can click each principle title to get a more in-depth explanation of what these mean.

2. Pick A Principle, Rock an Action Step

Choose one principle that you want to incorporate into your life to make the sex that you’re having way more bangin’.

Click the title of that principle and scrool down to the end of the post.

Read through the Action Steps for Great Action, choose one that you think is do-able, and get started!

3. Share This Recap With Your Partner

Great Sex is definitely a team sport, and while the greatest of sports teams might not have 100% agreement as to strategy, they are always (at the very least) on the same page.

Sharing this with your partner can be the beginning of an incredible sex era for you and your best bang buddy.

Whether you’re owning up that role playing a high powered CEO gets you off, negotiating text-based consent, defining sexual greatness as orgasm equality, OR figuring out that the definition of greatness you used in your teens doesn’t really cut it anymore …

Go Get Some!