Want to have great sex? You have to have great fundamentals.

Right now, I’m breaking down Great Sex Fundamental 3: Love as You Will.

This fundamental is all about how great sex happens when you own your sexual tastes, set up consent with your boo, and figure out what greatness means to you.

Our next principle in this fundamental?

GSF 3.4: Great Sex Can Happen All Throughout Life

There are a lot of rumors, myths, and prejudices about and against older people bangin’ it out “past their prime."  Based on rising STI rates in senior communities … all I can really say is:

Old people don’t seem to give a shit about these rumors, myths, and prejudices.

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And nor should they!

Sagging skin, declining health, achey joints, hormonal shifts, a move away from computer-generated, surgery-enhanced sexiness be damned.  Human beings are bangin’ machines.  It’s a part of our evolutionary background and doesn’t care if you don’t live up to arbitrary standards of beauty or desirability.

Even though aging doesn’t change the fact that you can be sexual all throughout life, aging DOES change how you have to approach sex.

Reason #1: Body Changes

As you age, your body changes.  As your body changes, you have to change your sex strategy to match your changing strengths and abilities.  Essentially, as your body ages, the rules of the sex game change right along with it.

Having great sex all throughout life means learning about and adjusting to the changes in your body as you age.

Reason #2: Desire Changes

As you age, desires change.  Maybe they change because you get bored of the same old thing, because you change partners, or because you go through a life event that changes you.  Desire is not a static thing, and can change all throughout your life.

Having great sex all through life means being committed to learning about and adjusting to changing desires as you age.

Reason #3:  Attitude Changes

Your view of sex and what sex means to you will probably change at least once in your life.  I’d put money on the fact that it will probably shift more than once.  As your attitude about what sex means to you shifts, so too will your definition of what makes for a successful sexual experience.

Having great sex all throughout life means learning about and adjusting to your changing definition of greatness as you age.

Even though it definitely won’t look the same as you grow older, best believe that…

GSF 3.4: Great Sex Can Happen All Throughout Life


Action Steps for Great Action

1. Talk To An Older Person About Their Sex Life

Ask them to talk about how the changes in their bodies have affected the way they have sex.  Ask them how their desires morphed throughout life.  Ask them what their definition of greatness is now versus when they were your age.

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2. Keep Thinking and Adjusting

When something happens to your body or you notice your body changing, pay attention to how it’s affecting your sex life.  Adjust to accommodate these new body changes.

When you notice that your desires are shifting, make the adjustments to brush old desires into the past and welcome new desires into your life.

Figure out if your current definition of greatness is actually your current definition.  If it isn’t, sit down and start making a new definition that matches your new life phase.

Whether you’re 18 or 108, I surely hope that you have fantastically bangin' sex for the rest of your life! 

Go Get Some!

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