Before I continue to hit you with principles of Great Sex Fundamental #2: Sex is a Skill, I’ve got something to say:

2012 has been amazing for college football.

Oregon ultimately triumphed over Wisconsin in an explosive offensive battle to win their first Rose Bowl in 95 years.

Stanford’s kicker pulled a choke-job in OT to give the Fiesta Bowl to OSU.

Despite an amazing effort by Virginia Tech, Michigan’s kicker clinched the Sugar Bowl in OT.

(And! Side note: Cal recruited a Center who might actually be competent at snapping the ball in shotgun formation.)

The athletes that played in the three bowl games brought an incredible amount of sweaty, passionate, skill to the field.  It was this skill that made for some epically great football.  My hat is off to all of them (yes, even the ‘Furd players).


Because I’m all about giving props where props are due, players don’t have a monopoly on the glory of having a great game.  There is another huge factor involved.

That factor? No [insert any football commentator’s name here] … it isn’t the X-Factor.

It’s the coaching factor.

Football is good when players get in there and give 100% of their passion, sweat, and athleticism to the game.  Football is great when that passionate sweaty athleticism is highly skilled.  Highly skilled athletes, for the most part, have coaches.

Without coaches, those bowl games would’ve just been really yoked out dudes bashing into each other at random.

Could be hot, but it’s not great football.

Great football takes skill.

Great sex takes skill.

Football skills improve when you have coaches involved. So …

GSF 2.4: Sex Skills Improve When You’ve Got A Coach


Sexual success (as well as success on the football field) hinges upon playing by the rules.  Break too many rules, and you get penalized. Stay within the rules, and you move forward.

Because the coach has a better knowledge of sex rules than you do, a coach can help you to better understand how to experience sexual success within them.

Great sex, just like great football, depends on you being able to best use the body you were born with.

Because coaches know which body types are best suited to which positions and which practice exercises help players to excel in their positions, coaches can help you to up your physical sex game. 

Great sex, just like great football, requires that you keep sex fresh and exciting.  The first time you run a play, it might be awesome.  Use the same play too much, and you start losing.

Because coaches are always coming up with new ways to move the ball forward, coaches can help you to up your sex game by giving you ideas you might not have come up with yourself.

Coaches are clutch in any sort of greatness.  Not just football.  So if you really want to be great at sex, you have to be willing to let someone coach you.

Now, you could totally have some (usually) older (sometimes) portly dude in your bedroom watching your every sexy play-by-play, reviewing your game tape, giving you pointers, and smacking your ass every time you do a good job.

It would be the most direct way to go about it, come to think of it.

But for those of you that prefer a less ... direct ... method of getting that really valuable outside opinion (or for those of you that simply can’t afford to pay the salary), here are some:

Action Steps for Great Action

1. Read/Listen To/Otherwise Consume A Book

There are so many books out there on great sex, it’d blow your mind (and help you to learn how to blow your partner too).

You can either get a general sex knowledge book OR you can get a book that is specifically about what you’re trying to do.

2.  Keep Reading SmartHotFun.Com! 

Or find another sexual strategy website (podcast, vlog, twitter feed ... whatevs) that gives you tips/tricks/ideas that work for you.  There are even some sites where you can write in and get some coaching from the website author.

Picture of Becca with a whistle.

3.  Hire a therapist, counselor, or sex coach.

If you’ve got the dolla billz (or medical coverage) that allows you to talk to professional about sex, sit down with someone for an hour and pick their brain about sexy ideas.

(Just a note: Most medical health peeps are not actually trained in issues of  positive sex and sexuality very well.  Tread carefully and don’t shell out your hard earned cash until you’re sure they’ve got the skills needed to help you have great sex!)

4. Talk to Your Partner

Yup.  Since your partner is actually there when you’re banging, they will probably have some fantastic insight.  After you’ve finished sexing it up, ask them for some pointers.  Return the favor by giving them some coaching of your own.

And by implementing changes and being effective on game day (and by game day, I mean the next time you peeps have sex).

Remember, a coach is someone who is there to give you ideas, but at the end of the day, you're the one that's gotta implement the ones you feel will actually work for you!

Have a sex coach or sex resource your swear by?  Leave a comment and help other SmartHotFun readers out!

And of course,

Go Get Some!

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