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In any case, it's time for the official recap of:

Great Sex Fundamental #2: Great Sex is a Skill

This great sex fundamental is all about reminding you that consistently great sex requires a beefed up skill set. Although working what your mama gave ya' can get you pretty far in terms of bangin' sex, having consistently great sex all throughout your life means being willing to push yourself past your natural abilities. You gotta build up those skills, son. (I should note that I use the word son to refer to folks of all genders.)

GSF 2.1: Great sex means building physical, mental, and interpersonal skills.

So what kind of skills do you have to build up when you're trying to make your sex life consistently great?

1. Physical Skills

Figuring out your body and your partner's body takes time, practice, and focused attention. When you pay attention to what's working and what's not working, sometimes the difference between good and great is a physical adjustment.

The Shake Weight!

2. Mental Skills

You can beef up your mental skills by coming up with new innovative sexual activities to do, or even just by adding something new to your regular old schwag. You can also build up your mental skills by figuring out how to work through problems and roadblocks that you're having in your sex life.

3. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the kind where you figure out how to use those mental and physical skills you just built up with another person. If you want sex to be great, you have to figure out the best way to talk to your partner about all the new sexual strategies that you're dreaming up. You also have to figure out a way to make those new exciting sexual strategies work in the real world.

GSF 2.2: Great sex means taking risks.

So now that you know what skills you need, how do you go about building the skills?

You have to take some risks. Whether you're banging it out with someone for the first time, or you've been making sweet love to the same person for years, being willing to step outside of your comfort zone teaches you where you need to build skill. When you try something new and it doesn't work, stop to think about why didn't work. You'll find the answer lies in building physical, mental, or interpersonal skills (or a combination). Even though risks might cause some discomfort, they are essential in helping you to figure out your skill-building path. 

Risk Dice

GSF 2.3: Great Sex Means Accepting the Inevitable Epic Sex Fail.

So what's the risk when you take risks?

Having the inevitable Epic Sex Fail. Even if you think your physical, mental, and interpersonal skills are practiced and ready to go before you take a risk, there's always a chance that things can go totally wrong. Being great at sex doesn't mean having a 100% great sex rate. Being great at sex means knowing how to bounce back and learn from the Epic Sex Fail.

And remember, having an Epic Sex Fail only makes you a sexual failure if you don't learn from it. 

GSF 2.4: Sex Skills Improve When You’ve Got A Coach

Building your sexual skills on your own can definitely help you to achieve greatness. Having a coach can help you achieve greatness faster AND can take your skills to a level of greatness you may never have imagined on your own. When it comes to sex, a coach can be a book, a website, an actual person that you hire, your best friend, your partner, or essentially anyone who wants you to succeed sexually who can give you some outside perspective and push you to be better. 

GSF 2.5: Surround Yourself With People Who Support You

As crazy as this one sounds, having a support team around you as you embark on a journey toward great sex can be extraordinarily helpful. When you succeed your support team cheers you on, and when you fail they've got your back. And sometimes, they're just there to listen so you can figure out your own shit. They can also help you on your great sex quest by giving you new ideas and an outside perspective.

Kastor Lutakko?

I know that you're totally ready to start pumping that physical, mental, and interpersonal sexual iron. I also know you're gonna start taking some risks and you're gonna learn from that Epic Sex Fail. AND I'm pretty confident you're going to recruit a coach and hustle up a support team.

Because I'm so confident that you totally understand Great Sex Fundamental #2: Great Sex Is A Skill, it is definitely time for...

Action Steps For Great Action

1. Review the different principles.

If there's anything that you don't totally understand from this recap, click on the title of that principle and get acquainted with the original post. Because these are more in depth, they'll definitely help you to understand the principles a lot better.

2. Pick one principle, and get started on an action step.

Just like it says, choose one of the 5 principles that you think will help you the most. Come up with your own strategy to make this principle work for you, or click the title of the principal and follow the action steps originally posted.

Feel free to rinse and repeat with as many principles as you'd like.

3. Share this breakdown with your partner.

Remember, the 2 (or more) of you are in this together. If this breakdown is totally rocking your world, sharing it with your partner will help to get you on the same page. And as a bonus, it also helps you to start executing principles 2.1, 2.2, AND 2.5!

So whether you're deciding to have sex with the lights on for the first time or you're asking your BFF'S Dad to be a member of your support team, I can't wait until your skill building effort turns into some super great sex. And of course...

Go Get Some!