As I was sitting down to hit you with another great sex fundamental, I had an epiphany!  Since SHF started, I’ve hit you with 7 need-to-know bits of info, and have been calling them fundamentals.  In reality, what I’ve done is I’ve given you 7 bits of information related to one Great Sex Fundamental.

That fundamental?

Great Sex Fundamental 1: Know The Sexual Body
Sex happens in the body.  Knowing how the body works when it gets turned on is like knowing the field you’ll be playing on.  If you want your sex strategies to be successful, knowing your playing field is necessary.

Picture of sketches of the human body.

Today, we’re going to re-cap all the different principles for this fundamental, AND I’m going to hit you with two new principles related to the body!

If you want to go back and read about a principle in more depth, just click the principle!

GSF 1.1: Your Brain is Your Most POWERFUL Sex Organ
Your brain runs the sexual show.  Having great sex means having a brain that is checked in to the sexual moment!

GSF 1.2: (Aroused Blood Flow) x (Concentration of Nerve Endings) = Degree of Sexual Sensitivity
Once your brain is turned on, it’s going to send signals to your body to switch up your blood flow!  When this blood flow change happens, any areas with lots of nerve endings are going to get sexually sensitive.  The more nerve endings there are, the more sexually sensitive the area will become!

GSF 1.3: Vulvas/Anuses dig dexterity.  Vaginas/Rectums dig motion and fullness.
The vulva and anus are on the outside of the body; the vagina and rectum are on the inside.  Dexterous motions are skillful sensations that fingers, tongues, and vibrators excel at creating.  Motion and fullness are pressure-based sensations that penises, fingers, and dildos excel at creating.

GSF 1.4: The tip of the penis likes dexterity, the shaft likes pressure and motion, and the penis doesn’t end where the balls/sac start.
Dexterity is the same deal as in GSF 1.3.  Motion and pressure are sensations that many body parts excel at creating (some examples: vaginas, rectums, hands, knee-pits, etc.).  The root of penis can be found behind the testicles and in front of the anus, and has huge potential for being a pleasurable spot!

GSF 1.5: Testicles are a sensitive subject. (<-- New Principle!)
Every set of testicles will have it’s own level of sensitivity.  Although generally, light sensations (light licking, light stroking, light tugging, etc) are a good place to start, some people like harder sensation and some don’t like ball-play at all.

GSF 1.6:  If you’re new to anus and rectum play … go slow, start small, communicate, use lube, and rock a flared base!
This principle is all about maximizing anal pleasure.  Going slow and starting small are clutch in experiencing hot anal play because doing so will help a feisty inner sphincter to calm down.  Communication that you’re heading south is helpful in allowing the partner receiving anal play have a relaxed (as opposed to a surprised) anus.  The rectum doesn’t lubricate, so using lube is key in reducing tearing (read: pain).  Inserting only objects with flared bases will keep those objects from getting sucked into the rectum (and will keep you out of the emergency room).

GSF 1.7:  The G-Spot is on the top wall of the vagina, likes “come-hither” style stimulation, and can lead to fejaculation.
The top wall (or anterior wall) is the wall that points toward the belly-button.  A “come-hither” motion combines stroking and upward pressure.  Fejaculation (when a clear fluid is released from the g-spot) can happen when orgasm occurs due to g-spot stimulation.

GSF 1.8: The P-Spot is located on the top wall of the rectum, likes “come-hither” style stimulation, and can be stimulated indirectly through the perineum.
The top wall (or anterior wall) is the wall that points toward the belly-button.  A “come-hither” motion combines stroking and upward pressure.  If you don’t want to put anything in the rectum (or if you’re looking to pleasure the P-spot directly AND indirectly) putting firm upward pressure on the perineum can pleasure the P-Spot.

GSF 1.9: PC muscle exercises (kegels) are for everybody, and can help people to have longer, stronger orgasms.  (<-- New Principle!)
Whether you’re a lady or a fella, working out the PC (pubococcygeal) muscle can lead to orgasms that can feel longer and more intense.  The next time you’re rocking a pee, stop your pee mid stream.  Notice the muscles you’re using.  Finish peeing!  Squeeze that muscle you just found throughout the day to tone it up.  (And it’s a smooth muscle, so it won’t get bigger as you work it out.  No need to worry about buying new pants, I promise).

For vulva/rectum owners: Working out your PC muscle can help you to valprehend your partner’s penis or fingers with more gusto!

For the penis owners:  Working out this muscle can help you to make your penis dance!

There it is!  The full recap for Great Sex Fundamental #1: Know The Sexual Body!

Action Step for Great Action

Choose 1 principle from the list and click on the link to review it in more depth.  The next time you have sex, use 1 thing you learned from that principle in your sexual play.

Example:  You learned how to flex your PC muscle.  The next time you’re having sex with your partner, you surprise your partner’s penis with a squeeze from your vagina or rectum!

Now that you have the full picture of how the body works…

Go Get Some!