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Today’s post is about the ladies!  (Holla at my vulva laden peeps!  Woot woot!)

Picture of crossed fingers.

I promise I will hit up the P-spot and my fellas next week.  But after so much Big Game week, I need to get my feminine on for today’s WWW Wednesday.

Without further ado:

Great Sex Fundamental #6:  The G-Spot is on the top wall of the vagina, likes “come-hither” style stimulation, and can lead to fejaculation.

I’m going to break down today’s fundamental with the story of a journey. 

The tale begins with this old-school German doctor named Grafenburg who found this super sexually sensitive spot inside the vagina – the G-Spot.  You just found out about this spot (or maybe you’ve known about it for a while but have remained skeptical) and you decide that your next sex mission is all about finding this spot.

So, you do a little research and find out that the G-Spot is located on the top wall of the vagina.  The one that points toward your mons pubis, or your bellybutton.  You also find out that it’s about a finger length or so into your vagoo.

Excited by your research (but not necessarily sexually so), you strip down nekked, lay back, stick your fingers in your vagina and start searching around the top wall.

And then you panic because you can’t find it.  You must not have a g-spot!  Oh No!

(Not true!  The g-spot is actually a series of glands that damn near all vagina owners are born with.  However, when first finding your g-spot, being aroused before you (or a partner) go finger spelunking might be a good call.  When your brain is all turned on, your blood flow redirects, and then your whole pelvic region is going to get more sensitive.  That increased sensitivity can definitely help you in your epic G-Spot journey.)

You take a deep breath, get yourself all in the mood, play with your clit for a bit, and then you go for another search.  This time, about a finger length into your vagina you feel a protuberance (a bump, y’all!) just past your pubic bone.  It feels different than the rest of the tissues in your vagina, and when you do that come-hither status motion something strange happens.

You panic because when you stimulate your G-Spot it feels like you have to pee!  Your G-spot must be defective!  Oh No! 

(No worries!  Everything all up in your pelvis is really close together.  It just so happens that your G-Spot is really close to your bladder and urethra.  That “I have to pee” feeling when you play with a g-spot is normal.  Just let that feeling ride for like 10-30 seconds, and if you still have that “I have to pee” feeling … you probably have to pee.  So … take care of that.  If you don’t have to pee, the “I have to pee” feeling usually subsides, and feelings of pleasure will take over shortly.)

You know that you just pee’d before going on your G-Spot journey.  So you keep on trucking with the stimulation.  And then!  The journey could take 3 different routes.

#1 You panic because when you stimulate your G-Spot it doesn’t feel good or it only feels ‘OK’!  Your G-Spot must be defective!  Oh No!

(I promise that your G-spot is not defective.  The truth of the matter is that not everyone likes G-spot stimulation.  If you’ve tried g-spotting multiple times and it’s just not working for you … that’s all good!  There are plenty of other e-zones that you can hit up that will work for you!)

Ending #1:  Even though you gave it a good college try, G-spot stimulation just isn’t your bag.  You’re sad for about 10 minutes, and then you accidentally brush your clit with a finger.  You remember how many dang nerve endings there are in that lil’ thing.  Your sadness turns to smiles as you ponder that serious science.

(If you’re not super experienced with G-spot play, you may want to try postponing your g-spot journey to another time during your menstrual cycle.  Some peeps are all about all g-spot stimulation all the time, but many folks actually only enjoy g-spot stimulation during certain times in their cycles!)

OR: This was only your first G-spot test, so you wait about 7 days and try again!  And…

#2 After letting the “pee” feeling ride, you do some come-hither style motions, and you have a great orgasm!

(For the peeps out there who do like G-spot play, a g-spot orgasm is often described as feeling “more intense” than a clitoral orgasm.   Although finding a g-spot with fingers the first time around is good because then you have a tactile (i.e. you touched it!) sense of where it’s located, g-spots can be played with using penises or toys as well!)

Ending #2:  Sweaty (probably) and jubilant (probably), you remove your fingers (or your partner’s fingers) from your vagina and bask in the afterglow.  This is a journey you definitely plan to conquer again in the future.  But next time … you want to try this badass thing.

#3 After letting the “pee” feeling ride, you do some come-hither style motions, and upon orgasm you realize that you are sitting in a lake of lady juices.  You must have just pee’d yourself.  Your G-spot must be defective.  Oh no!

(Yet again, you are far from defective and I can pretty much promise that you didn’t pee yourself!  (And if you did, that just means you are seriously comfortable with your partner … so … good for you!)  What did happen is fejaculation.  Fejaculation is short for female ejaculation, and that fluid is fo’ sho’ not urine.  (Some peeps did chemical testing of Fejac showing that the fluid is actually more chemically similar to semen than it is to urine!  Holla!). 

Fejac is a clear, usually pretty watery fluid that can come out in volumes ranging from 1 oz to 8 oz (think the amount of fluid in shot glass to up to the amount of fluid in a cup).  For some g-spot owners, fejac will dribble out, while for others fejac will projectile!  (The street term for this is squirting!))

Ending #3:  No longer freaked out about whether or not you just pissed yourself, you take a little bit of time to bask in the afterglow.  Then, you grab your newly moist sheets and drop them in the laundry.  Now that you know you’re a proud fejaculator, you invest in some extra towels for next time.  Because you can’t wait for next time!

Now that you know that no matter how your journey ends, your G-Spot is not defective, let me repeat the fundamental for today:

Great Sex Fundamental #6:  The G-Spot is on the top wall of the vagina, likes “come-hither” style stimulation, and can lead to fejaculation.

Need some G-Spot Action Steps?  I thought you might.

Action Steps for Great Action

1. Find your g-spot!
Get turned on first, have a distraction minimal environment, and recruit a friend to help out if you like!

2. Try A New Way to Stimulate your G-Spot
Been using only that really opportune curve in your partners penis to stimulate your g-spot?  Try a toy or fingers instead!

3. Fejaculate!
Did you hear about Fejaculation and say … “Me! Me!  I want to do that!”

Here’s what you can do:
1. Have 1-2 orgasms or bring yourself to the brink of orgasm 1-2 times WITHOUT g-spot stimulation
2.That 3rd time, go for G-spot stimulation!
3. With this strategy, you’re more likely to fejaculate because the more aroused you are, the fuller the g-spot glands become and the more likely they are to expel fejac!

Your G-Spot is NOT defective!  Oh Yes!

Go Get Some!

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