I Want! Great Sex Fundamentals: Your Blood

Last week, I hit you with Great Sex Fundamental 1: Your Brain is Your Most Powerful Sex Organ

This week, we’re going to talk about blood flow!

Why blood flow?

Great Sex Fundamental 2: (Aroused Blood Flow) x (Concentration of Nerve Endings) = Degree of Sexual Sensitivity 

Check the breakdown:

When your brain is ready to get in there and have some great sex, your blood is going to start rushing to different parts of your body.

Your body is essentially a HUGE system of nerve endings.  (Nerve endings connect from your body to your brain and help you to physically feel stimulation.)  Some parts of your body have HELLLLLLLLA nerve endings, while others don’t have as many.  When your body gets turned on, people start calling these high nerve density areas of your body “Erogenous Zones.”  Erogenous zone is a schmancy phrase for the areas of your body that happen to have really high concentrations of nerve endings and feel great when played with!

Some areas of the body with high nerve concentrations are:

Skin, Lips, Necks, Ears, Scalps, Nipples, Areolas, Breasts, Penises, Testicles, Anuses, Vulvas, Vaginas, Rectums, Fingers, Feet

Just to name a few. 

And! Even though I’ve only listed certain parts here, I’m of the opinion that pretty much any part of your body can be erogenous if your brain is into it (knee-pit anyone?).  If the body part you like pleasured the most isn’t listed above (elbow?) then that is all good!  Keep on with your keepin’ on!

No matter what your favorite body part to pleasure may be (under-boob?), the general rule is that the higher the nerve density the body part has, the more sexually sensitive that area will be after you get all turned on.

Remind you of something?

Great Sex Fundamental 2: (Aroused Blood Flow) x (Concentration of Nerve Endings) = Degree of Sexual Sensitivity

The key here is the aroused part.  Although touch can feel awesome when you’re not aroused (getting a massage from a massage therapist you don’t think is hot), it’s the arousal part that changes the way the touch affects your response (getting a massage from your super-sexy partner who is also a massage therapist).

Genitals Win! 

A picture of the entire clitoral structure.Although this may be obvious, I thought it would be fun to specifically point out that genitals have the highest density of nerve endings on/in the body!  That is why playing with penises, clitorises, anuses, perineums, labia, vaginas, testicles and rectums can feel sooooooooo good.

And! Even though this totally isn’t a contest and all of those areas can feel great when played with, there can be only one king of the sexually sensitive hill.  That king?  The clitoris!!  Weighing in at over 8000 nerve endings, the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis.

Maybe that’s why girls run the world. 

Aroused Blood Flow Shows Up In Different Ways 

The change in your blood flow shows up when your penis or clitoris gets hard and swollen.  It shows up when your labia get swollen.  It shows up when your nipples get hard and/or your breasts swell (yeah, buddy.  They can grow up to 25% larger during sex).  And for you folks who are lighter-skinned, it can show up in the form of a blotchy rash-looking thing across your chest (and possibly other areas of the body).  It happens for darker skinned folks as well, it just doesn't show as much.  It also shouldn't feel like a rash (just sayin').

In any case, that blotchy-rash looking thing, is actually known as “Sex Flush.”  This totally normal flush happens to all peeps during the plateau phase of sexual arousal (the phase right before orgasm). Because it happens during this phase, it’s a good sign that someone is feeling pretty turned on!

Action Steps for Great Action

So now you have this great information about how once your brain is all turned on, your blood flow redirects.  But wtf do you do with this info?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Since we already know that genitals win, pick 2 other erogenous zones that really get you going!  The next time you sex it up with yourself or with a partner, work with your partner on how best to pleasure those 2 spots!

    1. Example: You’ve chosen your ears and neck.  Prep with lube, ice cubes, a mini-vibrator, and a partner.  Have your partner use their fingers, hands, mouth, and some props to pleasure your neck and ears!

  2. Pick 1 erogenous zone that you’ve never played with before.  Download a WWWChart and pick 3 things you or a partner can do to play with that particular zone!

    1. Example: You’ve picked your feet.  Have your partner try putting their mouth on your feet, slapping your feet, and massaging your feet with their hands.

  3. Pick 1 or 2 sexual activities from the WWWCharts.  Try out those activities on erogenous zones that you’re interested in road-testing.

    1. Example:  You choose spitting and kissing.  You or your partner then spits on and/or kisses the erogenous zones you two discussed.

Remember, you don’t have to do ALL the Action Steps for Great Action, and I definitely encourage you to think about blood flow and create strategies of your own!!

Go Get Some!