Why I'm Helping CASEY

During my travels through South America, a brilliant man named Casey became a part of my chosen family. Shortly after our time together, Casey had to put a lifelong dream of long-term travel on hold because of testicular pain that wasn't improving. Upon his return to the States, he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

This diagnosis would lead him to the same hospital where my sister received treatment for Leukemia nearly 20 years earlier. And it just so happened that I came back from my travels as he was receiving the bulk of his chemotherapy.

Near the end of his chemo, Casey and I were on a walk snaking through the wilderness adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. On that walk, he told me two stories.

The first story was a wild rollercoaster of a tale about how one tiny medical oversight nearly killed him. The second story was his prediction of his future now that a good deal of his savings had been pumped into getting rid of the cancer.

I imagined my life in his shoes.

I imagined having saved and sacrificed for years in order to live the life I was meant to live and to become the person I was meant to become. I imagined the deep joy of finally realizing that dream for a time. I then imagined having to cancel that life, survive fucking cancer, and then resign myself to a life tied to paying back medical

As I mentally strode in Casey's shoes, something in me snapped. I knew I could not just be a bystander. I knew that, were I truly in his position, I would want help.

Bolstered by the knowledge that another friend also wanted to put his help in the ring, I asked Casey if we could help him. After a little convincing, he agreed.

So, until we pay for all his medical expenses, or until he tells me to stop, SmartHotFun.Com will be dedicated to helping Casey.

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