Thanks for the inspiration, Rep. Steve Toth (The Woodlands).

Thanks for the inspiration, Rep. Steve Toth (The Woodlands).

I've always been confused by opposition to honest, open, and straightforward sexuality education. The communication of this opposition is often more perplexing than the opposition itself.

As a highly trained sex educator for helllllllla years, it was my mission to teach students sex ed in a way that respected the fact that they would eventually become adults living in a democratic society.

In other words, I taught them with respect for the fact that someday they would be free to make their own choices. And with the zillion choices that sexuality brings to the table, I thought the only responsible thing to do as an adult was to help them face some of those choices head-on while they were in my class.

Call me crazy for thinking that to teach sexual problem solving ... you actually have to talk about sex ... and let students solve their own riddles. (I also call that teaching young people how to handle freedom ... but that's another story for another day.)

Anyway, I could write all day long about the merits of open, honest, and straightforward sex education. But I think I'll let some former students of mine do the talking for me. In 3 short minutes, they say more than I ever could.

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