My tonsils feel like they’re the size of golfballs and my head is abuzz with cold medicine.  So we’re going to make today short, sweet and to the point

#1 Go Bears!

I was chatting with a friend about how I was going to keep the Blue and Gold theme up an extra week if the bears upset at Big Game.  They didn’t upset, but they played a damn good game.  I feel like the feat earned them one extra blue and gold day here on SHF.Com.

#2 Contest Time!

A few Fridays ago, I posted a TMI Friday video of a Klingon interviewing Lady Gaga about the moment sex got better in her marriage.  It was an amazing story and I put a shout-out to the crowd to send in strategies they learned from watching the video.

I got 1 response!  Yay!

But, since I’d like a few more, I thought I would up the motivation.  For anyone who goes back to TMI Fridays Edition 5, watches the video, and sends in one strategy they learned to improve their sex lives, I will enter you in a raffle to win:

A $25 Amazon Gift Certificate!

  1. So!  Watch the video and come up with a strategy.

  2. To enter the contest, E-mail with your strategy.

  3. All entries must be received by 3p on Thursday!

#3 How great sex is like the 114th Big Game

Coming into the 114th Big Game, the Bears were not expected to do well.  Stanford was ranked in the top 10, the spread was 17, and Cal had performed … questionably … in some of its previous games (fUCLA?).  The expectation?  A repeat of the 113th Big Game where the bears put up only 14 points to Stanford’s 48.

It’s possible that if this were any other matchup, with any other ranked team, The Bears may have performed as expected.

But this was the Big Game.  And as many a dedicated Cal Fan knows:

Anything can happen at Big Game.

Go Bears!

This one belief about Big Game is the reason why it doesn’t matter which team is ranked coming into the match-up. This belief is the reason why it doesn’t matter who has the Axe.  This belief is more important than what the commentators have to say or what the spread looks like.  It’s my opinion that it’s this belief that fueled the gritty and tenacious performance on Saturday by the Bears.

The special occasion and the belief that it brings is also why:

Having an occasion to rise to can help you outlive regular expectations for sex.

Think about it.  Birthday sex.  Anniversary sex.  Honeymoon sex.  Vacation sex.  The-kids-are-going-to-summer-camp-for-a-week sex.

There’s something about a special occasion that allows for folks to live outside the normal expectations for their sex life.  Maybe it’s because people do more planning for the sex they’re having on special occasions (honeymoon sex, birthday sex).  Maybe it’s because there are greater freedoms on these occasions (the kids are gone so we can have sex in the kitchen!).

Or maybe it’s just that on special occasions, people recognize that anything can happen.

Just like the Bears outlived the expectations set up for them this Saturday, having a special occasion can help you to outlive the normal expectations for your sexual performance.

Action Steps for Great Action

  1. Create and/or Figure Out A Personlized Special Occasion

    • Big Game is not a widely recognized special occasion (unless you’re in the Bay Area).  But it is one that holds extreme importance for those who do know about it.   If you and your partner can come up with a special occasion that only the two of you share, it could potentially lead to some great sex!


Have some great special occasion sex, and Go Bears!

Keep Thinking!