Because it’s Big Game Week, and because we’re taking a break from regularly scheduled programming, I have a treat for today's TMI Friday!  (PS, We will analyze last week's video next week!)

Instead of hooking you up with a story and analyzing it for sexual success, today I wrote a sexual success story that you get to star in!

Today's TMI Friday features SmartHotFun.Com’s first ever Big Game Mad Lib entitled:

The 114th Big Game Bet

To begin, Download This Document and come up with some good words.

Once you’ve chosen some excellent words, download the Blank Mad Lib and place the words from that first document onto the second one.  (Some words will be repeated throughout the story).

You can rock this one alone, with coworkers, or with friends!  However you read it, I'm willing to bet a 14) ____________ that it'll give you a good giggle.

Have a great 114th Big Game, and may you have as crazy an adventure as the characters in The 114th Big Game Bet.

Go Bears, Beat the Cardinal! 

Picture of the Big Game score from 2004.

Sometimes, TMI is Made Up!