It’s Big Game Week!

For those of you who aren’t aware of what Big Game Week is … it is one wonderful week where the whole bay area ramps up to see a football battle of epic proportions between Cal and Stanfurd.

No.  That is not a typo.

So, just like it is Big Game week all throughout the bay, it is Big Game Week here on SmartHotFun.Com!  (Hence the theme change.  Can't have a red theme during Big Game Week.  Just sayin'.)

Today, we’re going to talk about how great sex is like The Play.

Don’t know what The Play is?  Watch the video below before you continue reading!

So, how is great sex like the best play in college football history?

1.  Sometimes, when you least expect it … something awesome happens.

This was a pretty standard ‘we’re ahead so we’re going to squib the ball on the last kickoff” kind of play.  With 4 seconds left on the clock, the football players of Leland Stanford Junior University did what they were trained to do, and it was the right call.  If everything had gone as expected, Cal would’ve picked up the ball and been tackled somewhere around the 50 yard line.  ‘Furd would’ve returned to the farm as victors.

Except that’s not what happened.  Not at all.  5 laterals and one crushed Stanford trombonist later, Cal puts its away to win the game 25 to 20.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what sex can be like. 

You’re boning down with your boo and you’ve settled into a groove.  You two are playing out the sexual scenario as you normally do, and then one element (like a band in your bedroom?) shifts and all of a sudden you’re having the most incredible sex of your life.  (And Joe Starkey goes nuts!)  There is no precedent, you probably won’t be able to recreate the moment, but that doesn’t make it any less memorable and awesome!

2. The 1982 Cal Bears played a lot of Grab-Ass. 

Actually, they played a game Joe Kapp called Garbazz.  According to Kapp, Garbazz was “Mexican-French” for grab-ass.  Which is a ridiculous mixture of ethnically insensitive and hilarious.  In any case, Garbazz was “a mixture of basketball and football with elements of rugby. You just work the ball downfield by passing it back and forth. Any pass can be a forward pass. There are no offsides. When the ball is dropped the next play starts from there.”  Kapp had his team play Garbazz every Sunday to let them have a little fun while getting their fitness on.

Based on the description, it appears that this weekly game of grab ass, a game that wasn’t strictly football, actually laid the foundation for the amazingness of The Play.

Just like with The Play, the other physical things that you do in your life can contribute to sexual greatness.

I’ma break this one down in example form. A Picture of Becca with Oski

I’m sexing up my hot partner.  Let’s call him Oski.  We’re in a pretty good sex groove, and I often think of the previous sex we’ve had to inform what I’m doing with him in the present.  However, I recently started taking acrobatic yoga classes.  While in the acroyoga class, I remember being like, “Wow … these poses are pretty hot.”

Oski and I are getting it on, but having some problems.  It seems like orgasms aren’t on the horizon.  Oski’s got about 4 seconds left in him before he has to just quit (even though the bear never quits), and all of a sudden, I bust out an acroyoga-like move.  Just when Oski and I think we’re going home without satisfaction, my acroyoga move makes for “the most amazing, sensational, traumatic, heart rending... exciting thrilling finish in the history of” our sex life.

Whether it’s to create a sensational football game finish or a sensational sexual finish, doing other physical activity can give you just the movement you need to change good sex into great sex!

3. Cal stayed positive and believed they could achieve greatness.

In the huddle right before the last play, one of the Cal players still believed that they could win (or at least make ‘Furd work to take them down).  In the last moments before the kick, he told the players to lateral like mad, using the phrase, “Don’t fall with the ball.”  Although his intention was simply to make Stanfurd work to end the game, it was this positivity that fueled The Play.

Even with all the odds stacked against them (a late game field goal, only 10 Cal players on the field, the Stanfurd band on the field) they kept their brains in the game.  Any team could have given up and would not have been faulted.  But the 1982 Cal Bears fought until the very end and it paid off!

Sometimes, great sex happens when you set your mind up for greatness.

If you go into sex already feeling defeated or feeling like you have no chance of achieving greatness, you’re working from a deficit.  Your brain just isn’t in the game in a constructive way.  Although you can achieve sexual greatness from that standpoint, it’s going to be a much harder feat.  However, if you go into sex believing in the possibility of greatness, you are more likely to experience success, no matter the odds stacked against you.

Just like the 1982 Bears, going into the "game" with a positive attitude can mean the difference between a respectable loss and a phenomenal win.

Action Steps for Great Action

  1. Watch The Play.  Over and over.  Read This Article. Introduce yourself to a Cal Fan.  Talk about The Play until they are seduced.

  2. Try out a new form of exercise or physical recreation.  Think about the possibility of incorporating what your body has learned into your sexual encounters.

  3. Give yourself a pre-sex pep talk so you go into your next sexy, sexy adventure with a positive mind set.

Go Bears, Stanfurd Sucks! 
Go You, Have Great Sex!

Keep Thinking!

PS. As always, the University of California at Berkeley had nothing to do with this blog post.  Although I did get my degree from Cal, this post does not represent the university in any way.  Also, Oski®  is a registered trademark (probably) of the University of California at Berkeley.  (And I don't really bang it out with him.)