This is what I look like when I write the scripts that eventually become the podcasts that you hear on From the Ashes.

This is what I look like when I write the scripts that eventually become the podcasts that you hear on From the Ashes.

About SmartHotFun

In August 2011, I thought I was going to start a sexuality education business. I bought this domain name, set up a website, and for 7 straight months, I blogged almost every day.

But. I never actually got my product idea moving. So no real business ever happened.

After that 7 months, this shit just sat here for years. People accessed the information, but I didn't update anything because I was living a pretty fucking uninspired life.

Then, in December 2016 I got a letter in the mail.

Here are the relevant bits:

"Regardless of where you are professionally, remember the lessons learned from [all the shit that happened over the summer when you weren't at work]:

1) You need to feel free. You need the capacity to explore & pioneer. If you don't feel that way right now ... why not?

2) You can ... share your stories. If you don't start now (or haven't started yet) you need to.

3) You are bold, courageous, & wise beyond your years. If the people around you don't see that, you can't continue to be around them.

You are beautiful, connective, and worthy. Don't forget that.

Follow your instincts.

Be fearless. Be confident.

Love others more."



You know who wrote that?


I wrote that to myself.  100% forgot about it, and then read it months later and was like ... Fuuuuuuuuck man. I feel trapped, I'm not really sharing the stories I want to share, and the people around me definitely don't see me.  My capacity for loving others is diminished as a result of all this.

Maybe I should listen to August Becca. She seems smart as fuck.

Long story short, I did.

And one career suicide, 6000 miles of distance, 2 months on a farm, and two ayahuasca ceremonies later: Boom.

From The Ashes was born, and I threw it up on SmartHotFun because this shit already exists.

I'm feeling free, telling stories, and being bold, courageous, and wise beyond my years. And. I fucking love all of you.

Feels. Fucking. Amazing.

Where to Start To...

...Have the authentic 'From THe Ashes' Experience

Start from Epsiode 1: Ayahuasca's Four Stages of Deep Healing and just keep on going.


...Learn The Philosophies of becca's life

Definitely Episode 3: I am NOT a poet.


...Get the down low on how this all really started

Episode 8: How the fuck did I get here?

Update Schedule

I promise that under no circumstances will I ever set up a regular update schedule.

The stories come when they feel like magic. When they make me laugh or cry or sigh or whatever emotion they're supposed to inspire in you.

I prefer quality to quantity, and this update schedule reflects that part of me.